Home Schooling

Home Schooling

When Homeschooling Doesn't Do the Job

Monday, May 10, 2010

By Denny Mather

Home schooling is not for everyone.  I met one mother who seemed to be too lazy to get her kids off to school in time so stayed in bed until whenever and then would eat (cereal from the looks of the counter and table and splatters on books) before going on to whatever lessons might be available. Maybe I should give her some slack, I was only in her home once… Maybe an illness?

I doubt being optimistic about her is right, though. Her oldest son was a bully. He picked on his younger step-brothers all the time and then he started in on my son. And that is why I was in her home. I told her that bullying was the main reason Vincent was being home schooled and that I/we were not going to put up with it in the private sector.

“My son is not a bully!” Mrs. B insisted. I gave her several examples of what I’d seen Mick do, not only to Vinnie and Mick’s brothers but to other children as well. She said she’d talk to him and would let me know.  Later that afternoon she called me back and said Mick had told her it was all a joke. So, I said it wasn’t a funny joke and the next time Mick touched Vinnie he would be allowed to hit him back. The next time Mick called Vinnie a Nazi or pussy or fucker Vinnie could hit him. It worked fairly well. Mick pretty much left us alone after that.

Mick wasn’t learning much about anything as far as I could tell. He insisted that our Chinese/Scots friend could not be both. Since he looked Chinese, he HAD to be Chinese.
Several LDS (Latter-day Saints) families could only be pagans…

I think they were home schooling due to religious reasons but Mick and his brothers were sure getting the short end of the stick as far as education goes! And their kind of Christianity isn’t the one I grew up with.


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