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Home Schooling

How I Became This, Part 4

Thursday, April 01, 2010

By Tyler

We moved from Surfer Town California, to Wyoming, and, more than that, we moved to Dyed-in-the-wool CowboyTown, Wyoming.


Did you know that they hate Californians around those parts?


Neither did I!


I think I spent about a month enrolled in that hellhole of a school. I only spent two weeks actually there. I was out sick for the rest. Of course, all the doctors said, I wasn't really sick, I was just malingering.


So, back I went. Back to the kids who hated me and the teachers who scorned me, all just because of where I came from. Fights ensued, physical ones between me and students, and verbal ones between me and teachers. Where other students would be forgiven, I would be forced to write lines. Where the teachers would be patient and helpful with others, they would be crabby and blunt with me. It became a literal daze; out of bed, go to school, get in bed... eventually I just stopped getting out of bed; it seemed much more efficient that way.


Slowly, things began to creep up on me. Dark and evil things, that would linger just long enough to wake me up and put me to sleep. Violent and terrible dreams during my sleeping and wakeful hours alike. I had a revelation; people are cruel and stupid and evil... and who was I trying to impress by being anything but?


Then, kaboom, out of the blue, my mother asks if I would like to be home schooled.


My life did a 180 again; now it was worth living.


Now, how did I turn out? Is it possible for someone who once hated everyone and everything with a seething passion to become well adjusted?


It has been eight long years since the month where my life was turned on its side and stood back upright, and I still have a loathing for humanity in general. However, I don't think that can be held against me. Even with a clear mind, humans just suck.


I have several very close friends who I love very much and would die for. I am making straight A's in an advanced college program. I am humbled to be on the most honorable fencing team, ever.


Overall, I am pleased with how I turned out... and it is all thanks to my parents home schooling me; without it, I would now be a monster.


A caveat before I am done: This is my story specifically and in no way can it apply as a general "boy growing up" story. Odds are, this does not apply to your child. Your child was probably one of those perfectly well adjusted kids who I was doing my best to ignore, if they weren't one of the ones who were so intent on torturing me.
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