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What two boys got out of the movie Avatar

Friday, January 15, 2010

By Clara Middleton

Everyone’s been talking about Avatar. During the holidays I sent my son and a friend to see it while I sat in a café and did my own work. I generally don’t like long and loud movies. But I heard so many people discuss Avatar that I decided to go see it after all. I went with two boys and later interviewed them about the movie. The boys gave themselves the names “Shock” and “Deadpool” for the interview. Here’s what they got out of the movie.

Shock, age 8

It was an awesome movie. A lot of action. I loved it when Jake kept falling off the horse. And I liked the big bird that was the last shadow.

The movie was about a guy named Jake who turned into an Avatar. There were humans and first they were good but then they turned bad. There was a big war between Navis and humans. The Navis were right. Jake wanted to learn their ways. Navis were blue and had glowing specs on their faces. They were blue monkeys – that’s what they said in the movie. They were very nice. The humans were there because they just wanted some metal. The Navis didn’t know what they were after. There was a human colonel who was really really mean. He was ordering people to do stuff and he was very bossy. Humans had guns and Navis had bows and arrows. The main difference between humans and Navis was the different weapons they had. I was kind of glad that the Navis fought the humans.

Deadpool, age 10

I really liked the movie. The suspense is amazing and you don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s also a tearjerker if you easily get sad.

The movie is about sky people who are human and go to Pandora to get the metal underneath a Navi mountain. The Navis were nine feet tall, had bows and arrows, and were free to do whatever. They rode the weirdest horses and could be everything in the whole Pandora. They had hunting tests and had to climb up the mountains. Humans in the movie were ignorant jerks. They didn’t like the Navi “savages” like American Indians. I liked the guns, bows and arrows, knives and big bangs. I liked it a lot that the Navi defeated the sky people.


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