From the Editor

From the Editor


Monday, October 17, 2011

It’s exactly two years since I launched this site and I am saying farewell for now. I’ve really enjoyed running this site, met some terrific individuals with whom I will certainly stay in touch, and learned a lot. But I just don’t have the time to do it any longer.

My circumstances have vastly changed since I started this site. As I explained in my first “From the Editor” blog, my reason for taking up the cause of “bad boys” was to bring attention to how boys were being treated in schools. I also wanted an outlet to help me and other mothers of boys cope with having our kids implicitly labeled as “bad.” I can’t overstate how much I have learned – and how much a lot of what I felt was wrong with the way boys are treated is confirmed. But the fact is that my son in no longer in school and we don’t really have a “bad boy” problem anymore.

As I blogged about it extensively in “Clara’s Clearing,” the irony was that while I was trying to understand and find solutions to the “bad” behavior of boys (boy behaviors that are not tolerated anymore and slowly pushed into the direction of being pathologized and/or criminalized) we had to leave school on account of some real bad stuff. Bullying. Gang behavior. Neglect by schools. And giving up hope for changing things after years of trying.

We left to homeschool. I blogged about that extensively and started a new blog, “Educating My Boy,” on the academic part of things. Being a teacher at heart I have really enjoyed being in charge of my son’s education. I really have learned a great deal about how and what to teach middleschoolers. I hope someday I can do something with this knowledge.

There have been a lot of positive things about our homeschooling experience. But there are negatives too. If I were to put it in a nutshell, the problem is that to make sure that a homeschooled child does not miss out on a full life, the parent – most often, the mother – has to completely dedicate her life to the child. Often this is not possible, nor am I convinced that it is necessarily desirable. I will have to write about this at length later.

Right now, as I wrote in my last blog, I am burnt out. I not only need to take a break from “teaching” my son, I need to take a break from having my life completely taken over by things having to do with being a mother/teacher. I need to get back to other work -- which, funny enough, might involve going back to teaching as a profession!

I will certainly not shut down this site. There is a lot of good material here that is useful to people. Lots of stuff from a couple of years ago still regularly get hits. But I won’t be updating very frequently – perhaps a blog here and there, and maybe some compelling news items, but nothing regular.

So for now, farewell. We’ll see what happens next.

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