USA: Too dangerous to bring saxophone on school bus!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

CBS News

Mass. boy with saxophone barred from school bus
By Barry Leibowitz

(CBS/WBZ) RAYNHAM, Mass. - Think back to your school days, if you can, and remember those dedicated kids who lugged their musical instruments onto the bus - not just flutes and clarinets, but trombones, or even the occasional tuba.
Andrew DiMarzio wants to be one of those kids, but his school district south of Boston says it's too dangerous, according to CBS affiliate WBZ.

As of Thursday morning, the 12-year-old is prohibited from bringing a saxophone on the bus to Raynham Middle School, the station reports.

Andrew's parents go to work early every morning, so the 6th grader has no choice but to take the bus. Recently, the driver said the sax can't come along. It's a decision the owner of the bus company stands behind.

"If it doesn't fit and there's no place to put it then absolutely. It becomes a safety issue," Bill Lucini, owner of Lucini Bus Line, Inc., told WBZ.

"No one wants to jeopardize someone's safety and that's what this is," Lucini continued. "We're not against music programs. I mean, we're a bus company trying to operate as safely as we can." More


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