USA: Tech executives send their kids to schools with no computers

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Daily Mail, UK

The private school in Silicon Valley where tech honchos send their kids so they DON'T use computers
By David Gardner

When children at an exclusive Silicon Valley school mention apples they are usually talking about lunch.
And they are much more likely to doodle than google.

For although some of the country's top executives from Google, Apple, Yahoo and Hewlett-Packard send their children to the Waldorf School of the Peninsula, there is not a computer to be found in the classrooms.

Teachers don't even like their students to go online at home.

The school situated in Los Altos, California, in the middle of the nation's hi-tech hotbed, relies on good, old-fashioned pencils, pen and paper, painting and knitting needles to educate younger pupils.
It is one of about 160 Waldorf schools in America that encourages children to focus on physical activity and creative tasks in the real world rather than a virtual one.

While most principals are scrambling to find the cash for more computers, these schools are getting rid of them altogether.

Rather than expand the minds of young children, advocates of the Waldorf syllabus believe computers can inhibit attention spans and human interaction. More


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