Editor's Pick

Editor's Pick

"The Trouble With Boys": the latest and best book on boys.

Saturday, October 17, 2009
You've got to read this if you haven't already.

"Is your smart, capable son starting to struggle in school? When he talks about his lessons does he seem bored, disengaged or fearful? Or do you just have an uneasy sense that he's falling out of love with learning? A great many parents from all walks of life are noticing the same thing. They're wondering exactly what is going on. Has something changed about our boys, their schools or our culture that is making it hard for young males to succeed? I've spent the last 18 months asking educators, psychologists, historians, social scientists, doctors, boys and their parents those exact questions. And the answers I've come up with might surprise you. If you have a son who is not thriving in school and you care deeply about his education and his future, I've written this book for you." 
-- Peg Tyre

Check out Peg Tyre's website.


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