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Clara's Clearing

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Friday, January 01, 2010

The more I looked into the bullying going on against my son the more complications I discovered. For one thing, I found out that many children were affected by Terry’s bullying. He bullied and intimidated many. But one story I heard was particularly troubling.

Sam, the son of an Iranian woman at school, had also had problems with Terry. Sam’s mother, Leila, told me that one of Sam’s friends told her that Terry teased Sam by making disparaging comments about Iran. This friend said that Terry says “Iran sucks” and makes “I-ran” jokes to provoke Sam. The interesting thing is that Sam had never mentioned this to his mother. When Leila talked to him about it he said that he sometimes laughs at the “I-ran” jokes but when Terry makes fun of his mother for being Iranian he feels he has to defend her.


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