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The apologies come in

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When we went to pick up Jack’s books from class his teacher told us that she has asked students to write apology letters to him. A few had come in already so she gave them to us. Interestingly, they were mostly from the kids who had nothing to do with the bullying. I wonder if there will be others!


These letters are so wonderful I want to share some with you. First, the kids who had nothing to do with the bullying.



Dear Jack, Hi! How are you? I’m sorry you had to leave. Even though I didn’t do much teasing I feel like I did a lot. I wish you would come back because you were so nice to me. Everybody feels sorry especially me. I am very sorry that everybody was teasing you.


Dear Jack, How are you? I know what it feels like to be bullied. I just can’t believe you leaving school. I guess there won’t be any other person in class to sing. I just can’t believe it and you’re my friend. Please come back.



Dear Jack, I’m sorry the way we treated you here. I also want to tell you it was fun being in your table group. I wish this never happens to you in middle school.



Hi Jack, I’m so sorry you won’t be coming to school with us any more. We will miss you! In school, we’re learning poems. I hope you’re doing well in school and having fun too!


Here are a few from kids who had participated in the bullying:


Dear Jack, I’m sorry I’ve been super mean to you. I really wanted to say sorry so I wrote this note. I’m really sorry. Please forgive me Jack, and I hope you won’t be teased any more.


Sorry Jack for teasing you and being mean to you but we all learn from mistakes. And we made a mistake. Sorry Jack and good luck.



Dear Jack, We are so sorry that we were mean to you. We just wanted to have a little fun. I hope you realize that soon and decide to come back. No more mean stuff.

This is a picture that Matthew drew. It is such a nice one I posted it permenantly on the Gallery page.


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