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Bullying continues

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The bullying, both individual and group, against my son Jack has picked up again at school. This is going on both during school and at afterschool. I will report on it here as things develop. First, here is a letter Jack wrote to his afterschool teacher:

Dear Teacher:

I would like it if you would interfere and punish XX or anyone else who bullies me the first time. Because the second and third times are hurting me. It doesn’t hurt you but it hurts me. When you give them a second and third time it just gives them more chances to hurt me. They know they have three chances to hurt me and they take those chances. This hurts and harms me. They know what they can do, which is to harm me.

When they hurt me the second and third time it makes me mad and that gets me into trouble. When I get mad I get into trouble. What that does is that it hurts me not them. Because what they want is for me to get into trouble. But if you jump in the first time they’ll learn their lesson not to bully me. If you give them chances they will take them.

It’s not fair that I can’t stay at Afterschool as long as I want because of bullying. I am a good kid. If you think I’m a bad kid because I get into trouble it’s not my fault. If bullying keeps on happening I’ll have to leave and that’s just not fair. It’s not fair that I have to go when they are the ones bullying me all my life.

I like it that you throw in a lot of effort to stop them. I’m glad that you care about me getting bullied and you’re so nice to do something about it. I hope I can stay at Afterschool as long as I want because I love Afterschool and I want to stay.





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