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Clara's Clearing

So what do I do with this site now?!

Friday, April 30, 2010

My first motivation in starting this site was a selfish one. I wanted to help myself cope with the difficult time my son and we, the family, were having with school. As I investigated the problems boys were having, however, I realized that the problem is bigger than us and I thought that I might as well raise some awareness and advocate for boys as well as help myself cope. I figured what helps my son and I survive must be of some use to others as well. Since Jack was going to be in school for many more years I figured I was in this for the long haul.

But then things happened and now I find myself homeschooling him. That’s splendid -- but what do I do with this site now that I don’t have a “bad boy” problem? I don’t have a school problem therefore I don’t have a bad boy problem. (Isn’t this interesting?!) But the more this site grows and the more feedback I get the more I realize that even if my own “bad boy” problem is over for now (let’s not be too optimistic!) the situation of boys is not at all improving in schools. I can’t drop the ball now.

It grieves and worries me that so many boys are having a miserable time being a child. It also terribly saddens me that so many families, mothers in particular, are so stressed, harassed and worried that they don’t enjoy raising their sons. It should not be like this. Children are supposed to enjoy being children and parents are supposed to enjoy raising children.

Clearly lots of things are going wrong. And lots of people are looking into what is going wrong and what can be done about it – see the works of Peg Tyre, Peter Grey, Lawrence Diller, just for starters. The regular contributing mothers on this site – Denny Mather, Aurore B. Realis, Sedona, for example – also have a great deal to say about how they see what’s wrong and how they have coped. And lots of people around the world are reading what all these folks are saying. Just today the site had hits from 23 countries in five continents.

So you see why I can’t drop the ball now. I will certainly continue to pursue my goals in raising awareness and supporting advocacy for making life happier not just for boys, but for all kids and their families. But my question is, what do I, Clara Middleton, blog about now?

Am I still officially the mother of a bad boy?!

I have a sneaking suspicion that I am, even if it doesn’t feel that bad anymore! I still have a boy who pushes limits (and buttons galore) and has a wild and unruly streak in him. Now I don’t just live with him, I also teach him. (I think “So help me God” was invented just for such occasions!) My situation vis a vis my son has completely changed. While in the past I was in a reactive mode now I am in a proactive one. Best of all, however, I am in a creative mode: I have to make things as I go along. I suppose I can call this making -- building -- something, giving my son an education.

So I am thinking of starting a blog series called Educating My Boy. I will try to chronicle my efforts as well as the trials and tribulations of giving my boy an education. Now it’s me and the “bad boy” face to face.

So help me God!


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